Hello! I started as a Graphic Designer for layouts, logos and creative concepts. Later on, i specialized  in Corrugated Cardboard POS & POP Display Designer. Most of all, it’s important to have the ability to create displays adapted to client’s needs, by creating both simple and advanced designs. DTP experience and Architectural Design study facilitates a well built solution at the lowest price possible. I also take into consideration the transport fees, by making almost all displays (either Floor, Shelf or Counter displays) partially or completely fold-able, with as few adhesive tapes lines as possible, prioritizing on mechanical joining. All displays are as cheap as possible to mass produce (depending on the category: Cheap, Normal, Premium or Hybrid Design) and easy to install on location, even by unqualified sales representatives. The DTP experience includes offset and digital printing.

I also designed or participated in the design of wooden, plastic and metal POS Displays, but only in very limited amounts.

Below you’ll find a link to my CV, in case you may want to acquire my services in the future.

Curricululm Vitae

Lays_MIB_Valize_StCPrigat Octo - StCcasute