25 Jun 2014

Warspace – Starship Duels – STRATEGY

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In a previous article i’ve written about the game Warspace – Starship Duels, available on Android and iOS. Since then i played against a lot of opponents and i reached the conclusion that there is a need for another article, to cover the basic strategy needed to make things more interesting.

If you want to know who i am, just look in the Global Leagues tab and you’ll find me there. Or just meet me on the battlefield and see why i consider there is a need for such article.

I’ve been playing the game for some time now and, while dealing with some overpowered opponents made me enjoy the game less, i chose to Scrap my overpowered ship in favor of more fair configurations. I say it at plural because now i own 3 ships, each in a different class.

If you want to do the same thing, there are no real-money costs involved, since almost everything (except top tier ships) can be acquired using Eonars (in-game coin).

As stated in the previous article, the ship weight is the main matchmaking factor. To reiterate, Weapons Upgrades weigh 2 tons/point, Ship Hull weighs 1 ton/point and the other attributes only weigh 1/3 tons/point.

The ship classes and their benefits added with each threshold (Abilities) are as follows:

– 1 to 19 tons – Corvette – none

– 20 to 39 tons – Frigate – Deep Scans (50 Eonars / 3 DS or 150 Eonars / 10 DS)

– 40 to 69 tons – Destroyer – Airstrike (50 Eonars / 1 AS or 150 Eonars / 4 AS)

– 70 to 99 tons – Cruiser – Regenerating Defenses (50 Eonars / 15 RD or 150 Eonars / 50RD)

– 100 to 124 tons – Heavy Cruiser – Micro-Jump (50 Eonars / 3 M-J or 150 Eonars / 10 M-J)

– 125 to 174 tons – Battleship – Disruptor (50 Eonars / 3 shots or 150 Eonars / 10 shots)

– 175 to 249 tons – Dreadnought – Repair Bots (50 Eonars / 15 RB or 150 Eonars / 50 RB)

– 250 tons and over – Super Dreadnought – Reserved ONLY for older players, who passed the 250 tons limit before it was implemented. These ships can no longer be upgraded, but expect to meet one in battle, from time to time, if you pass 220 tons.

The creators of the game, the good guys at NANOKI, take special care to point out that it doesn’t matter in which class you fight. The Global League points are calculated only by winnings, not by weight.


Now let’s go back to the strategy part.

The real challenge is to build a ship that has a bit of everything – mobility, good Hull, bad-ass Weapons and acceptable Defenses. The tonnage difference in matchmaking is of about 25-30 tons, so, while playing in a lower class, you may encounter ships from a higher one. This proves to be a problem even for me, but i’m sure i left some Heavy Cruiser (once or twice even Battleship) owner dazzled because they lost in front of a mere Cruiser. So, if you want to be able to do the same, just start off with the tips bellow!


The main rules i fallow when building a new ship (done it 4 or 5 times thus far) is:

1 – Your ship hull must take at least 1.5x your own most powerful inflicted damage before being destroyed. 2x would be better and 3x is actually optimal.

This helps when you don’t predict correctly the enemy’s attack. Even if they hit you with their secondary weapon, they still need 3 shots to take you down. Unfortunately, this rule doesn’t always help, for example when you encounter much heavier ships.

2 – Defend well against Lasers and Canons by upgrading Shields and Armour!

Your main weapon should be used at least 1.5 times before breaching your own Defense. The percentage is smaller than the one used with the Ship Hull because Regenerating Defenses restore up to 30% of the Defenses (compared to Repair Bots, that can repair only up to 10% of the hull) and can be acquired much faster. Point Defenses can be at about 75% of the others not because they are less used, but because it’s much easier to “turn the other cheek” when the enemy is far away.

3 – Keep it mobile!

Your Engines and Thrusters must ALWAYS keep up with the other upgrades. If not, you’ll just be a sitting duck. You can have the most powerful Weapon on the battlefield, but if there is an obstacle, one like me is going to shoot at you from behind it. Or, when there is no place to hide, i’ll get out of your optimal range and take you out before you can (most of the times).


The new rules of ship-building have been made to protect new players against Snipers. These guys used to have a light ship, equipped with a very powerful weapon. You can still encounter a couple of those, but they are no longer a large nuisance. So, when building your new ship, you’ll have Overweight warnings. This only means that the Weapon is too heavy for your ship, so you have to increase total weight. Actually it means you have to have at least 2 weapons upgraded at all times – a Primary one and a Secondary one. Fortunately, the NANOKI Games guys thought about weapon nerfing problems this system would create with heavier classes, so, as you go along, this limitation get more flexible.

Having two closely upgraded weapons isn’t, actually, a bad thing. It helps to have two similar powered weapons, but only after you pass 175 tons. Why? Simple – the element of surprise and a partial immunity to Disruptors (read bellow).


But before talking about battles, let’s talk Abilities. In the previous article, i said that, at lower weights, all but the Defense Regeneration are cost ineffective. This is not completely true… Let’s talk about each one and how they can help you in the planning phase.

General thoughts – buy them in bundles! This means you should shop when you have 150 Eonars.

1 – Deep Scans.

These are useful if you activate them at the beginning of the battle. During the planning phases that fallow you’ll see what you’re dealing with. As for most of the Abilities, one Deep Scan cost 15 Eonars/use. At lower classes you’ll be making around 14-18 Eonars/WIN (at best), so don’t throw these like pebbles! When facing the same class as you, just go to a certain range, defend against the certain weapon best at that range and wait for the opponent to shoot you. This is where the first rule of Ship Building comes in handy.

Don’t just trust that the opponent used his/hers best weapon! Calculate if the damage taken (even if you chose the right defense) matches your own most powerful weapon. If it does, then you know to turn the other cheek. If it’s much lower, then watch the opponent’s positioning and try to predict what weapon would you have prepared for if you positioned yourself in that manner. Activate the appropriate defense and then continue.

WARING – Deep Scans show you the base weapon damage, so just watch out for the most upgraded one! Mind the obstacles and the distances when reading the Scan, to properly defend!

2 – Airstrike.

Can be used only ONCE in a match. The Airstrikes can be countered with the appropriate defense, because they are based on the three Weapon types. But they ignore obstacles, which can be either nice or annoying, depending on which side of the attack you stand.

This used to be the loser’s or the winner’s Ability, but it was nerfed (thank you Nanoki!). It is very useful against much more powerful opponents. But be mindful that you must insure you win that battle, or else, you’ll lose money. They now cost around 50 Eonars/shot, so they are only appropriate for those who really need the win.

I only have one rule for Airstrikes – use ONLY in desperation, at the end of a battle, as the last damage dealt. Otherwise the Airstrike can be easily countered by Repair Bots.

3 – Regenerating Defenses.

This ability is awesome! Regenerating Defenses can be bought in bundles of 50, at the price of 150 Eonars. This means that you spend about 3 Eonars each round your Dense is regenerating. So, if you regenerate 6 times, you’ll be spending a total of 18 Eonars on that battle. It’s still a lot less than 15 Eonars/shot for any of the other Abilities, but it adds to the total cost of the battle.

Don’t forget that the initial regeneration rate is of 2%. You can spend 25 Eonars for each 2% upgrade, reaching a regeneration rate of 30%. So try to first make enough Eonars to upgrade to maximum, and then activate them, or else you’ll be spending money to no avail.

They help A LOT, minimizing damage from the opponent’s main weapon. At any stage, in ANY ship class, they are a “must have on” kind of Ability. When i had to chose between upgrading the ship or waiting to make enough cash to buy 50 Regenerating Defenses, guess what i chose!

So, kids, what do we say to Regenerating Defenses?

Yes Sir! Thank you Sir! Can i have another, Sir?

Just use them with moderation, when both the frontal and back defenses need it.

4 – Micro-Jump.

This Ability acts a bit like the Dimension Gate in Heroes. You can choose a direction and, in a limited range of 2000 m, you move ignoring all obstacles. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a sitting duck (see the Engine and Thrusters section). Of course, it costs 15 Eonars/use, so use it wisely! It also has a cool-down timer, so you can use it only every other round.

5 – Disruptor.

The Disruptor is the main Ability to use against weapon-stacking opponents. These guys are residues since before the rules that prevent “sniping” with one overpowered weapon. Unfortunately, they cost you 15 Eonars/shot, so you’ll find yourself losing cash to avoid a loss. But, honestly, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so you’ll be able to make up for the loss. Just make sure you have enough.

Of course, this Ability is also meant to be used to limit opponent’s main weapon. Just make sure to avoid one of the worst mistakes i’ve encountered in my experience. The opponent Disrupts my Lasers, for example, but still defend with Shields, which means they are easy peaking for Missiles or Cannons, whichever i chose to use at that time.

6 – Repair Bots.

They work just like Regenerating Defenses, but can help you recover only up to 10% of Ship Hull. In the planning phase, there is a huge difference between the two. Regenerating Defenses show immediately the percent of hull that has been repaired, while Repair Bots only act AFTER the planning phase is over. This means that, when you shoot an enemy that has only 10 Hull remaining out of 50, if they have the Bots active, you’ll need to inflict a minimum of 15 Hull damage. For me it works just fine, because several times the opponents tried to inflict only enough damage to take me down, but i actually had regenerated the Hull and didn’t get destroyed.

Best use – when you choose the wrong defense. Main requirement –tougher the hull means bigger regeneration.

Just keep the ability always on and replenish it, making sure to stack at least 100 left (just in case of prolonged battles).

So, kids, what do we say to Repair Bots?

Yes Sir! Thank you Sir! Can i have another, Sir?

Fortunately, they don’t initiate if the enemy hasn’t broken through your defenses, but still, use with moderation, since they also cost 3 Eonars/use.


And now let’s talk about the battles. I’ll try not to divulge too much of what makes me so hard to beat, even by much heavier ships (2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss out of 4 battles using a 137 tons Battleship against a 176 tons Dreadnought), so i’ll keep this part a bit short.

Warspace – Starship Duels is a game based mainly on ship configuration, but also on real skill in predicting the opponent’s moves while using the map bonuses and surroundings to your advantage.

Try to place yourself in a certain weapon’s range and defend against it. This way you’ll take less damage from any of the other two. If you have a good memory, try to remember what other opponents favor – you’ll be sparing a lot of Deep Scans (and the adjoined Eonars).

If you can hide behind an Obstacle, Defend against another Weapon than the one affected by that specific obstacle. Best to hide behind corners, just in case you have to run. And you’ll certainly have to. The straight sides of the Obstacles only block you. Of course, there are times when going straight for the center of a straight side is useful, but usually i did it out of the desperation to protect the regenerating side of my defenses.

Don’t forget you have 3 Weapons! If you upgrade them all together, you’ll inflict a lot of surprise, but too little damage to the enemy’s hull. Just keep a main and a secondary weapon. The main rule about this is to be able to deal at least 30% damage to ANY undefended Hull. I’ve encountered a lot of people good with all three weapons, but not good enough to win the battle. The reason for their ineffectiveness is the Ability: Repair Bots. They could deal a maximum of 18-20 damage which, against a Ship Hull of 60 with Repair Bots active, translates into 12-14 real damage. Meanwhile i depleted their shields and, even if they used Regenerating Defenses, they received a huge amount of damage.

Mind your environment! You have FOUR maps, out of which only one allows Normal Weapon Damage. So be careful, because the advantage goes both ways and both you and your opponent can deal up to 21% more damage than normal (i included the 10% First Shot bonus). This means your shields are much easier depleted, so… “run Forest, run!”. In my language there is a saying that translates like this: “Running (from battle) is not nice, but it’s healthy.” So, when the need arises, go hide behind an obstacle or, if the opponent doesn’t favor Lasers, right behind his ass.

One thing to remember is that even the best players are playing by the rules. So please, try not to hit me with Airstrikes EVERY SINGLE TIME! If ANY player is dependent on them and use them immediately, i don’t get upset for losing, because i know that he/she is actually not able to get too far in the game. I find myself also amused, since i know they spent at least 37.5 Eonars in a battle worth no more than 30. This kind of player reminds me of the most dangerously stupid species: HUMANS, who kill on sight everything that moves just because they don’t understand it. Most of my fights don’t even involve Abilities (and i have a good stack of at least 15 each), let alone Airstrikes.

So, try to understand these tips, pass them on, promote the game and don’t forget to have fun!

See you in space!

Kripto out.

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