12 Oct 2012

Best One Liners

Author: Kripto | Filed under: Povesti subiective

– If you would have to choose between World Peace & Bill Gates fortune, what colour would your Lamborghini be?

– Best friends are the siblings God forgot us to give!

– I wonder if in China do the women complain that all men are the same.

– China won the most medals in olympics because they made all the equipment.
– The best way to lie is say the truth, carefully edited truth!!!

– Seeing the first question in the test paper and thinking: “Is test mai to lag gaye!”

– Study finds researchers study a lot of dumb things!

– Shopping Cart – The only thing women can park properly!

– Instead of catching people wearing non ISI marked helmets, why doesn’t the police catch people who are selling fake helmets ON THE HIGHWAY?

– that depressing moment when you see the person you hate the most “breathing”!!!

– Interrupt my sleeping and i will interrupt your breathing!

– I ask my parents a simple “yes” or “no” question and I get a lecture.

– “Hey, it’s been 6 seconds, go check your phone again!” – My Brain

– That awkward moment when you see twins fighting and one of them calls the other ugly.

– Now time for some englished dialogues!

– In God’s house, there is delay but no power cut.

– Dog! I will drink your blood.

– When you choose to become a biker you get a bucket full of luck, an empty bucket for experience and the hope that the latter fills before the first empties.


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