16 Jul 2012

So called “freedom”

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They tell us we are free. But we’re becoming more and more like the “imperialist bastards” the Communists were accusing the capitalist countries of being.

I see millions of dollars/euro poured into antismoking campaigns saying that smoking is bad for you. Did you know that actually those campaigns keep smoking in the minds of people, so that they won’t forget to “smoke one” or to get curios about all the fuss and try a cigarette? If they were such health issues, have you wondered why governments don’t just ban smoking, make it as illegal as marijuana? Well… the answers are simple. One – they tax smoking a lot, so they receive a lot of money from it. Two – a lot of sick people get sick and pay a lot of money for medical care (a lot of indirect personal revenue for most politicians from pharmaceutical companies). Third – though they say all that money is designated to help the smokers, in the end no heavy smoker is being taken care of (in a good way) for free.

I wanted to buy some e-books off the internet. I was quite surprised to see that the prices were a lot higher than the printed versions. Later that day i found out that the four major internet e-book sellers made an “agreement” to raise prices all together. This practice is called “monopoly” and it’s harshly punished in ALL the capitalist nations… at least theoretically. They motivated the high prices by accusing the saying that “pirating” diminishes their profits. Well, if i remember my economics classes well (and i do) and combine that information with the access to “alternative solutions”, rising prices with no rise in life standard or at least request only leaves a one option to the “large public” – “borrowing”. Should i even talk about the fact that rising prices with no reason and in a completely illegal way only makes a hole in the honest man’s pocket and makes him want to try those “pirated” versions himself?

It happened exactly as when the price of liquefied gas (considered more ecological and very cheap) and diesel fuel have risen close to the gasoline prices, though the production costs are much, much lower for the first two. Of course, no government “noticed” or cared. In the USA and other “developed countries” it’s called “lobbying”, in the rest of the capitalist nations it’s called “corruption”. In Romania the maximum length of a trial is 4 years, the judges having to give a sentence in this time or be punished. But there still is no sentence in the monopoly accusations trial against the oil producers and distributors all around the country. It’s been over 10 years since the trial started and the oil price raises with the same amount at all the gas stations, negating the free market and proving the monopoly.

Then they made ACTA. The people we elected are to blame for even stopping to decide if the monopoly prices were paid by a too small number of people. Better said, they even took in consideration breaking basic civil rights to protect the profits of companies that are already breaking a lot of laws. Of course, there were some other reasons. Don’t tell me about the fact that our every action can be observed – this has been going on for some years now and it was completely legal. The real reason is limiting the access to free information. Yes, the internet is full of crap, but there still is a certain freedom of speech, a way for those who want to see other’s opinions. No, not to take them as their own, but to gain new ideas, new perspectives that a lot of times have no connection with what it’s being said. Those who don’t want to be free already ignore “out of the box” thinking because, keep in mind, the real “box” comes in the form of any controlled news. I don’t mean not to censor the words, but don’t touch the idea and, at the same time, give me the choice of accessing the completely uncensored data! I don’t know how many of you actually realize how a point of view can be distorted only by changing the tone or just some words from the text used to transmit information.

I actually was told about a meeting in a news paper office where the journalists were told about the subject of the articles and in what light to show one of those involved. In 2011, when i still owned a TV, i even saw a case where a guy stabbed to death the ex-girlfriend that left him after 2 months of relationship and then killed himself. In the fallowing days HE became “the real victim”, as presented on the news of every major TV station.

If they start censoring the internet, then we’ll be in the same situation as with the newspapers and other mass media. I mean internet is the only place where you could make up your mind about something. Mass media only shows the sensational or what the ones who pay the journalists want you to see or read. Of course, seeing how a lot of multinationals keep getting away with monopoly fraud (as presented above), no wonder they want to take all the information from us and leave us as stupid as “the masses” can be. Censoring what it’s written without even asking you about what you want to read/see or not is no longer good will, but intent to control your every thought and decision by filtering what you see and get. You want to see where we’re heading? Watch the movies: 1984 or Dog Day Afternoon (where the media creates fake stories to control the public and take the eyes off what’s really going on) and Metropolis (where you can see that people are made more in more into just consumers controlled in every way, robots that buy what they produce themselves so that profits can be made by “the people upstairs”, the real decision-makers). A more recent movie i recommend is a very good political satire. No, it’s not f***ing “The Dictator”, which proves to be a movie for the simple-minded people, that only has one punch line close to the end. It seems to say to the viewer: “If you enjoyed this stupid movie, here is something to make you feel better about your intellect!”.

Watch Iron Sky! A great movie, as a lot of those not made in Hollywood are (this one is made in Germany). It’s a political and media satire that i don’t think it was even officially aired in the US and it may have been forbidden in Spanish theatres. If there are some people who read my blog and think the movie sucks, don’t feel too bad – it would just mean you didn’t understand how media and politics work, so please, for frak’s sake, stop voting!

PS: Did you know that Facebook Timeline was actually created as a way for the owners to get more “historical information” about you? Why? Well… if you have ever assisted in a market research project you’ll get it. If not, all i need to tell you is this: the more they know about you, the better commercials they can make to convince you to buy, sell, vote and so on… their way. In short – make you a better slave to the highest bidder.

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