13 Apr 2012

Just another contest

Author: Kripto | Filed under: gallery

I found some images i created for a Nescafe Dolce Gusto on the IQ Adds site. There were a lot of good ideas there, some centered on a particular target consumer type, some for larger groups and most of them just plain idiotic. The contest itself was ruined because it was based on the worse possible method of judging – most of the final result was based on voting. This attracted the usual mechanism of cheating on the internet – self voting through a lot of friends, fake id and using proxy servers. After all the fuss with the contest Nescafe Dolce Gusto adopted the simply stupid and childish design of a clothes designer that had nothing to do with the product itself or the target consumers. That’s probably the reason you can’t find it on the market anymore.

Anyway, here are the designs i entered. The ones for Picolo (not accepted as an entry) and Circolo show, like an instruction manual, the best reasons or moments you could use (on one side) or enjoy (on the other side) a good coffee. The design for Melody is just meant to make you smile. I hope you like them and share this link on Facebook.

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