6 Oct 2011

Steve Jobs

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STEVE JOBS died. Pancreatic cancer. He wasn’t a saint, he had a lot of defects, but we would’ve never seen them if he hadn’t been one of the most important people in the development of the IT industry.

Everybody knew him as the one who created Apple Computers and the ones with whom he worked saw him as a very pretentious man. He was violent in his youth (not in a physical way), he experimented with some low-yield drugs hoping to get him to better states of mind. If these things make you think worse of him, than you are an idiotic and ignorant imbecile. You may ask “Why?”.

Well, you may not know it, but i look at some of the things we take for granted and think of his genius. Here are just two of them: the MOUSE and the GRAPHIC USER INTERCFACE that allows us to use the PC even though we are not experts.Did you know that the MOUSE was a device invented so that disabled people could work with the computer? It was discarded by hardware manufacturers? That’s until Apple thought of stealing the technology and using it to “input” certain commands very easy with the GUI.

Also, the GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE was created for educational purposes, but was discarded as useless and was never a commercial product. That’s because the same big hardware manufacturers considered that the computers were meant only for the professionals of that domain. And the experts don’t n really need GUI.Steve Jobs and his team thought about giving the computer to the masses, to the people who, decades before, have invented the computer in the box (today’s PC) and the keyboard. They were created by “flower people”, who were opposed to the idea that only companies and government could have access to information technology.

So, i am grateful that we had Steve Jobs for more reasons than just the apparent and recent ones (the iPod or the iPhone with its multi touch screen).

As a man, he rarely found peace, but he always found new ideas he wanted to implement. I hope he’ll get the rest he actually deserves for the good things that few people can really see.

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