17 Aug 2011

Bits of Nature

Author: Kripto | Filed under: gallery

When i first bought my camera (not a great one), i got out to the park and tried it out. This is what came of it.

Just remember two things. First: they don’t have any story, because i actually see the world as a whole, composed by lots of details that we rarely take the time to really notice. Second: theese are unprocessed pictures (except for the size, not other modification has been made), taken with a camera that any “proffesional” photographer would never get caught using. I used backets because real proffesional photographers know what it means to sometimes use a cheap pocket photo-camera to take beuatiful pictures.

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One Response to “Bits of Nature”

  1. Andi Says:

    Foarte tari imaginile; ce camera ai folosit??

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