20 Oct 2010

Monkeys in the Romanian Parliament

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Romanian law-makers seem to go from bad to worse. The whole country is to blame for letting itself be ruled by people who give attention to their voters only in the 60-day-period before the election. In the rest of the time, while we try to survive with more and more taxes, they are trying to find new ways to drain the budget with their businesses, making “deals” that overcharge even for the most elementary of services. A very good example are the highways, which in Romania cost up to double the price paid in the rest of E.U., but at an alarmingly low quality. There are also the “consumables”, like the computers that state administration bought every year at five times the market price, and the software, that any 3rd year Computer Sciences student could make, was bought from a relative’s company with a huge price, while, at the same time, the parliament passed a law that authorized ONLY that program to be used, even by private companies.

A few weeks ago, the Chief of the Chamber of Deputies passed a very important Pension Law with 160 votes of Yes, 2 nonvoters and 80 against. The problem was that there were only about 80 people in the chamber at that time.

The party that has the power now is called PDL (translates in English as: the Democratic Liberal Party), and it also has majority in the parliament. It’s members have been banned by the party leadership to speak at any private news television. The same members, when asked what their opinion is regarding certain important national issues, usually answer with: “I follow the party policy!”. I, as a voter, tried to ignore for just a second the fact that the elections were supposed to be “unilateral” (meaning that the person is voted, not the party) and concentrated on an even bigger and recent problem.

Today, 19th of October 2010, both the leading party and the opposing ones voted unanimously a law that states as follows: the TVA (Added Value Tax applied in all transactions) is lowered from 24% to 5% for base foods and the pensions under 2000 lei (about 450 euro) will not be taxed. Seeing how in Romania the money given by a person to the Pension Fund are returned as about 15-20% of what the person paid during his/her life and the life expectancy is the lowest in all of Europe (except ex-communist states and Bulgaria), I don’t see the point of further taxing the pensions.  About the TVA reduction I can only be happy, as all prices jump up every 4-5 months (end NEVER, under NO CONDITION, get lowered), while the salary remained the same in the Private Sector and got cut by 25% in all the Administration Sectors, Medicine and Education.

Here’s the funny part. When exiting the Chamber, after the vote, all PDL members declared that it was an error and they actually thought they voted against that law.

Again, I tried to ignore something: the plain stupidity of an elected official that can’t afford to say such things, as this would mean he entered the room without noticing that the opposition had the same oppinion, he voted, and went away. But there still were some issues that made me think long and hard, without reaching any result favorable to those who claim to lead us out of this crisis. First of all, there are the two related questions: “What the CENSORED are they doing before they go to express their opinion about a law that affects the people that voted them in office? Don’t they even bother to read the CENSORED text before they say Yes or No?”. Second of all, there is the problem of being, at least theoretically speaking, a representative by and for the people, as the Unilateral Voting Law (introduced by the same party) would presume. Not knowing what way they voted means that someone at the party said: “Vote Yes!”, and they voted as they’ve been told, like they were CENSORED monkeys, doing as they were ordered, but never understanding why and what it really means.

Now I know what the camel in Carlos Mencia’s show was feeling when he said: “Even the camel was thinking: I got to get the hell out of here!”

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  1. Ovidiu Says:

    Esti mai interesant daca scri in englezeste man?
    Sau nu ne este adresat articolul?

  2. Kripto Says:

    Cand mai scriu in engleza, o fac si pentru cititori nevorbitori de limba romana, ca sa nu se mai chinuie asa de mult cu Google Translate. 😀

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